Mackenzie Elliott


Mackenzie Elliott

Hey friends!


My name is Mackenzie Elliott, m.e. for short.


I wanted to start this blog because over the years, I’ve noticed that a lot of the same themes keep coming up. Sometimes I feel like I’ve had the same conversation over and over, and yet it never becomes any less impactful than the first time I had it.


The vast majority of these conversations revolve around mental health, and topics that people generally think are taboo or just too vulnerable to talk about. Thing is, the more I started talking about these things with my friends, the more I realized that the things I’ve always been ashamed of talking about, are things that practically everyone has struggled with at one point or another.


My ultimate goal for this blog is that, as I open up about the things I’ve been through and learned, it gives you permission to share more about your own journey; the battles and triumphs you’ve experienced.


That’s it! It’s a pretty simple goal. I want you to really love YOU. Even the parts that are dirty and messy.


You are so worthy of being truly and fully known.


The first step is to shamelessly love yourself.









Featured photo for this post by Tyler Chase Manuel