Mackenzie Elliott

The Truth About Power

Mackenzie Elliott
The Truth About Power

I got dumped recently.


I know that you’re all thinking, “Who on earth would dump Mackenzie?? She’s the best! She’s basically a queen!!” [insert kitty crying emoji here]


Anyway, during this break up, the guy… let’s call him Todd… said that he had unfinished business with his ex and that’s why he was breaking things off. During the course of our conversation, he said something that was truly offensive to me as a human and I hope it’s offensive to everyone else. Todd said,


“I just can’t help it. She has this power over me…”


[eye roll emoji]


To which I replied, “No. No way. This is not about your ex. Don’t try to make it about her. This is about YOU allowing her to have power over you. She doesn’t have to have power over you. This is 100% your choice.”


I can’t stress this truth enough.


No one, [I repeat] NO ONE has power over you unless you give it to them.


You CAN get over your ex. You CAN choose a new career path. You CAN move out of the state or out of the country or just down the street. You CAN choose a different faith than the one your parents taught you. You CAN fight for your relationships, your friendships, or your community. You CAN be unashamed to be exactly who you are.


I hope that makes you feel free. I hope that makes you feel powerful.


Because you are SO powerful. Maybe even more than you know. 









Featured photo for this post by Hannah Foldy