Mackenzie Elliott

When Vulnerability Pays Off

Mackenzie Elliott
When Vulnerability Pays Off

I haven’t always been very good at being vulnerable. It’s definitely something that I’ve had to learn how to do. It’s often extremely scary to allow yourself to be vulnerable. It means that someone might actually see you for who you really are. But that’s also where the most meaningful relationships start to take place.


The other night, I started telling one of my best friends, (her name is Baylie) about a personal issue I had been battling with. Baylie is someone who has proved time and time again that she takes vulnerability seriously. She really listens to where I’m at and seeks to learn more about my heart through what I’m saying. Pretty soon into our conversation, I said something along the lines of,


“I mean, is it crazy for me to feel this way?”


I was about to launch into the rest of my train of thought, but before I could, she kindly yet firmly grabbed my arm, looked me in the face, and said,


“Listen. You don’t need to ask permission to feel however you’re feeling. Your feelings are valid. It’s what you decide to do with them that makes the difference.”


I realized that the rest of what I was going to say had all centered on my own insecurity with my feelings. Once she gave me permission to feel however I needed to feel, I was able to choose a healthier thought process.


Get yourself a friend like that. 









Featured photo on this post by Ben Fields